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Gauguin sailed to the Polynesian islands in the South Pacific Ocean in 1891 to react to the European lifestyle and the technological culture.

Their primitive environment influenced his socio-psychological perception of the world. During this period, Gauguin's art is characterized by the unnatural symbolism of the absurd and the primitive sexuality. He focused more on female presence, so that, to a certain extent, his women become bearers of humanity’s changes, as it is depicted on his work.

From where we are coming; Who we are; Where are we going; (1897), The goal of the project is to transfuse to the modern viewer the multiplicity of man's relationship with the history and power using digital media and VR technology. The Gauguin experience is going to be presented at the exhibition “Beyond Expo”, in Helexpo-Thessaloniki.


Maria Terpsidou
Dr Markella-Elpida Tsichla


Simon Barratt

The artists



Maria Terpsidou has studied Archaeology and Art History in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Today, she is a PhD candidate in Art History’s department of AuTh Philosophical Faculty. She is professor of Art History in School of Guides of Thessaloniki.

Markella TSICHLA


Markella Tsichla hοlds a PhD in Art History from the University of Patras. She also holds two postgraduate degrees in Art History and Museology and has studied Archaeology and Art History. Currently she is conducting post-doctoral research and teaching at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The XR company

Cooperative Innovations is an immersive development studio with a vast amount of experience in technology, application, experience and game creation. Founders Simon Barratt and Brian Marshall are both 25+ year veterans of the games industry and using this experience have created a range of work including Curatours, a metaverse for arts, culture, heritage and museums.


Empowering cultural XR collaborations

The selected

Metalogues2022 will be presenting the selected projects during the BEYOND Expo.


Etude for
Virtual Space

by Alexandros Spyrou in collaboration with Cooperative Innovations



Is this my

by Eirini Lampiri in collaboration with EL-GABAL




by Dr. Markella-Elpida Tsichla & Maria Terpsidou in collaboration with Cooperative Innovations




by Effie Panagoula & Sofia Kalamaki in collaboration with MALVI



METALOGUES is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki conducted in cooperation with Malvi creative agency, supported by the Academy of International Extended Reality and TIF-Helexpo, and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

METALOGUES is a program designed to meet your needs when it comes to adopting new approaches in cultural storytelling or the arts by means of Extended Reality (XR) technologies. The program aims to bring together individuals, organizations and entities from the European cultural space that have an active interest or are involved in XR projects in their field, along with XR professionals and companies that have created or have participated in similar cultural endeavours, with the purpose of advancing cross-sectoral dialogue and empowering international cooperation. METALOGUES provides a digital and physical platform for networking, knowledge transfer, development and promotion of cultural XR ventures taken up between actors in the European cultural and technological scenes.

Applications are now open for your participation at METALOGUES2022. Individuals such as artists, curators, educators and researchers, and formal or informal entities such as artistic groups and collectives, art galleries, museums, cultural centres, theatre and concert halls, from all-over Europe, are invited to apply for participation in the 2022 edition of Metalogues, which will unfold in 3 parts throughout the year.

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